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The Hmong Heroic Squadron Commander and Wing T-28 Pilot Bomber Major Vang Sue (Vaj Xwm) dropped bombs on the top of that rocky hill at the Southeast of Long Cheng Airport (Sources from his younger brother, former Major Vang Neng, who was on the ground forces during that heavy fight in 1970-71). Wing Major Vang Seu was born on January 1945 in the village of Phou Luang, District of Pha Pheng, City of Meo, Province of Xieng Khouang, Laos, to Mr. and Mrs. Kia Pao Vang. He was the fourth son of their thirteen children. He always viewed education as the key to success. In 1972, he sent his younger brother, Dr. Tony Vang AKA Vaj Mib, currently a Professor of Education at Fresno State University and a former member of Fresno Unified School Board of Trustees, to pursue his education in Honolulu, Hawaii with the support of General Vang Pao. In 1962, Wing Major Vang Seu was trained in Hua Hin, Thailand as a Radio Operator. From 1963-65, he attended the Royal Lao Military Officer Academy School in the province of Sayaboury, Laos and graduated with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. From 1966-67, he and other Hmong pilots were trained in Huan Hin and Udorn Thani, Thailand and graduated in 1967. Wing Major Vang Seu served as a fighter pilot from 1967-72. He earned his Wing when he flew over 3,000 combat missions in 1969. He suffered serious wounds during those combat missions. He was shot down once, parachuted and fell into enemy territory and was rescued by a US CH-46 helicopter. His plane was shot down a second time on October 1972 and he was killed in action. With his heroic actions as a Squadron Commander and a courageous Fighter Bomber, Wing Major Vang Seu received the highest commendation, "the US Distinguished Flying Cross Medal" awarded for Heroism. This is a brief biography of Dr. Tony Vang's beloved brother, Wing Major Vang Seu. This documentary of the Secret War in Laos was given by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) News to Dr. Tony Vang on May 29, 1984 in Fresno, California. The Hmong people want to express their heartfelt thanks to the late NBC News reporter Ted Yates and his colleagues, Robert Rogers, Julian Townsend and others, for this historical documentary of the Vietnam War. All rights belong to NBC News and their respective owners.
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